Taming Your Parrot: The Ultimate Guide

to Building a Strong Relationship with Your Feathered Friend

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Get your hands on "Taming Your Parrot: The Ultimate Guide" written by Bonnie Munro Doane, an expert in the field of parrot behavior. This comprehensive guide in paperback format, originally published in 2001, will teach you everything you need to know about taming your parrot.

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  • Parrot training made simple and effective
  • Build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with your parrot
  • Discover insider tips and secrets from experienced parrot trainers
  • Create a safe and comfortable environment for your parrot
  • Maximize parrot communication to avoid behavioral issues
  • Transform your parrot's behavior from frustrating to obedient
  • Step-by-step instructions for taming even the most difficult parrots
  • Unlock the key to understanding your parrot's body language
  • Master techniques for taming and training parrots of all breeds and ages
  • Achieve harmony with your parrot, leading to a happier home life

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