PENN-PLAX Bird-Life Cement Trimmer Bird Perch – Naturally Trims Nails & Beak – Great for Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaws, and Other Large Birds – 10” Long

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  • GREAT FOR LARGE BIRDS: The Bird-Life 10” Cement Trimmer Bird Perch provides a textured, safe, and secure place for your feathery friend to stand, rest, play, or sing a song. This 10” bird perch is suitable for Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaws, and other large birds.
  • EASY MOUNTING: Our Cement Trimmer Bird Perches attach to virtually any birdcage in a matter of seconds with a set of metal washers, a metal wingnut, and a permanent screw at the end.
  • TAPERED DESIGN: The variable diameter of our Cement Trimmer Bird Perches ensures that your bird will be able to stand comfortably without putting too much stress on their foot muscles. The heavily textured, non-slip surface keeps your bird safe, and on sure footing.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: In addition to providing a heavily textured, non-slip surface, our Cement Trimmer Perches feature a variety of coloring that’s safe for birds. Please note that these perches come in randomly assorted colors. There’s no option to select a color choice.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Perch Length = 10” / Large Diameter at the End = 1.5” / Smaller Diameter at the Front = 1”

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