Parrot Seed Supplement with Vitamins & Minerals

Nourish Your Parrot's Health with a Vitamin and Mineral-Packed Seed Supplement

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Our Parrot Seed Supplement with Vitamins & Minerals is a perfect additional food source for your pet parrots, providing essential nutrients to keep them healthy and active. With natural ingredients and carefully selected vitamins and minerals, this supplement supports healthy feathers, skin, and digestion for your feathered friends.

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Additional Product Details

  • Provides 14 vitamins and 9 minerals for optimal nutrition
  • Excels in meeting nutritional requirements for all companion bird species
  • Contains extra vitamin C and E for breeding and antioxidant activity
  • Lysine and methionine amino acids improve protein quality
  • Combination of enzymes and acidifiers improve digestion
  • Provides micro-encapsulated probiotics to maintain bird health
  • Improves growth of handfed babies
  • 11 oz. supplement size for long-lasting use
  • Perfect for parrot owners looking to enhance their bird's diet
  • Supports overall health and wellbeing of parrots

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