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– Re: Group HD & Its Requirements – Zoom Community


A p video stream is a p video stream as determined by the encoder please refer back to the use case I described and I’ve never seen a viewer that is receiving a p stream not be resizable, let alone require the viewing window to be full screen. I could be wrong, but if this is the case, it is a weird implementation to me and at the end, makes HD in Zoom extremely cumbersome and impractical. Perhaps you mean that only when the person sending HD video is the active speaker that their stream is encoded at p.

First sentence of over view section here. By the way, I had only mentioned screen share to differentiate between the features we are talking about since there aren’t any issues with HD via screen share.

I appreciate the dialog and trying not to be difficult, but only get a proper understanding of Zoom HD. We are sorry to hear that you consider the current solution impractical, but this is the design right now.

It was chosen for network bandwidth limitations. Only two participants can have camera on and, as in your example with 40 participants, 38 would have to switch the camera off to allow one of the two to send HD video. It is also by design that both who is sending HD video and who wants to receive it needs to have the speaker video window at full screen size.

We value constructive feedback as yours, so please submit any request for improvement at zoom. If your recommendations are implementable, we will certainly consider to include them in our development plan. It was chosen for whose network bandwidth limitations? The users’ network bandwidth limitations, or the limitation of Zoom’s servers? If it is the users, shouldn’t it automatically downscale when it detects a low-quality connection, instead of imposing a limitation on all connections.

If it is because the servers do not have enough capacity to provision more bandwidth for users who would like to use it, and the cost of the Pro license is not enough to provision that capacity, wouldn’t it be good to have a license tier that had that capacity, at whatever price, particularly for business and enterprise customers?

Zoom Community. Supporting a Hybrid-friendly Work Environment Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces. Download Zoom Client Keep your Zoom client up to date to access the latest features.

Download Center. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Download hi-res images and animations to elevate your next Zoom meeting. Browse Backgrounds. Register Now. QoS stands for Quality of Service and is a way of telling your router to prioritize certain types of traffic.

You can either configure the meeting to be audio only or disable video during the call. You can also configure Zoom to always use audio only, if you prefer, and only enable video when you need it. Computer performance can also impact your experience. Ensure your network, camera, and video card drivers are all up to date so you can get the best video quality. Older webcams can impact the Zoom experience too.

If you have an older router or are using your ISP model, you might get better broadband speeds with an upgrade. Zoom is becoming ubiquitous, not just for work but also for personal communication. Following the advice above can help ensure that your Zoom calls are crystal clear. How to use Zoom: A comprehensive Zoom tutorial. Google Meet vs Zoom: How to pick the best videoconferencing platform.

Zoom for nonprofits: Guidelines for getting started. How to record a Zoom meeting. How to host a virtual holiday party for remote teams. How to charge for online Zoom classes. Collecting payments for webinars on Zoom. How to do breakout rooms in Zoom. Zoom Webinar vs Meeting.

Announcing our Zoom integration. Zoom pricing plans comparison. How to prevent Zoombombing. How to collect registrations for Zoom webinars. Zoom vs Google Hangouts: Which is better? Upload speeds in most internet packages tend to be significantly slower than download speeds—in the case of cable and DSL packages, your uploads could be up to 10 times slower than your downloads.

However, fiber internet often gives you matching download and upload speeds, which makes your Zoom calls go super smoothly. Take a look at our guide to the fastest internet providers. Your internet is fast enough for Zoom if you have a basic Wi-Fi package on a cable or fiber connection with at least 1.

Many cable and fiber internet providers offer Wi-Fi packages with download speeds of Mbps and faster. DSL internet plans fall in the range of anywhere from 0.

Since it involves streaming video, Zoom consumes a great deal of internet data—and many satellite plans come with fairly strict data caps. Your video might lag a lot over a satellite connection, which has a high degree of latency because the signal is traveling from space. See our guide to internet during the coronavirus pandemic for ways to get faster speeds at an affordable rate as we all hunker down to work and study from home.

Xfinity is probably your best bet because it has a wide network, incredibly fast speeds, and great customer ratings. You can find more great providers on our fastest internet providers guide.

Also, make sure to run a search to see which of these providers are available in your area. You need a minimum of at least Kbps 0. If your Zoom sessions frequently lag or freeze up, the most likely culprit is your internet connection. But there are plenty of ways to get better performance, even if you have a relatively slow internet speed.

To bring your Zoom call back to normal, close out your email, web browser, and any other applications or windows you might have open. The quickest and easiest way to address slow internet at home is by restarting your modem and router.

Unplug both devices from the wall, let them rest for a minute or so, then plug them back in. A simple reset clears away potential bugs and programming cobwebs that may be weighing down your equipment. Has your home internet cut out? Simply whip out your cell phone and log on to Zoom with your mobile data. To turn them off, head to the video settings menu by clicking the tiny, upward-pointing arrow next to the Start Video button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

There you can click off the check marks on both features. The more people who are using your Wi-Fi connection, the more strain it puts on your home internet speed. Place it on a table or shelf, away from metal objects, microwaves, and other obstacles. If your home has multiple floors or a complex layout, consider investing in a mesh wireless system or long-range router.

Instead of relying on a Wi-Fi signal, you can plug your computer directly into your router with an Ethernet cable. That gives you faster speeds and more reliable performance.

Or, if other options are available in your area, you can switch to a new provider that gives you faster speeds and better performance overall. See Your Providers. Cloud Infrastructure: Zoom meetings run on our highly reliable, scalable, secure infrastructure platform in the cloud. Zoom communications infrastructure does not store any recorded content.

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