How do i extend my desktop display. How To Enable Extended Desktop Mode

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Your operating system enables you to display your computer image across multiple monitors or projectors by cloning or extending your desktop. This article will guide you through both types of display configuration. Windows. Right click on your desktop and select Personalize. Click Detect to allow Windows to detect your displays. The visual representation of the display (labelled ‘1’ . Jan 29,  · To switch between display modes simply press Windows + P. PC screen only uses your current display. Duplicate shows your desktop on both your current display and a connected projector. Extend splits the image between the two displays. This is useful for displaying your presentation on the projector while displaying your speaking notes on the PC. 21 hours ago · Despite my display being set to extend the desktop, I cannot get any fullscreen applications to use all 3 monitors like I want. While I do normally use my second and third monitors for multitasking, there are times where I want to be able to actually use them for the games I’m playing and be able to see more in said games. But when I try, there.


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